How it works

1.Booking online

Please book online.
*Online Booking is available until three days before the date of rental. 
◆Fill in the form correctly

  1. Name
  2. E-mail
  3. phone number
  4. Date of rental
  5. Time (Choose from below)
  6. Number of users(enter on the filed of the number of the reservation)
  7. Detail of the member (Number of Female /Number of male /Number of child)
  8. If you want a special outfit, please write it down.

We don’t have a lot of kimonos for kids.
Children taller than 140 cm high can wear kimono for adults.
Please enter the height of your child.

booking at home


When you received the automatic reply mail, your reservation has not be completed.
Within five days from sending automatic reply mail, we will send you a confirmation mail to complete the process.
Please make sure if you receive the confirmation.
If you have not received any automatic reply mail or confirmation mail,  please send us an e-mail at

4.Come visit and choose a kimono

Please come visit our shop.

You may choose any one you like from about 170 kimono designs.
*You can not choose a certain kimono at the time of the booking.

Choose a kimono


“How to dress a kimono?”
Don’t worry about that.
Kimono dresser will help you to select and wear a kimono comfortably so that you can fully enjoy strolling around izushi in a kimono.

Strolling about


Please go anywhere you want.
We will take your baggage for you.

4.When to return

You must be back to the dressing room and return your rental by 4 o’clock of the day.
When you finish changing your clothes,  you will get  your baggage return.


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