Autumn & Winter

Autumn Festival

Autumn Festival


*Danjiri festival is celebrating a good harvest of each year, and because of its aggressive style celebration, it is also known as a ‘fighting Danjiri’. Using 17 meter long poles to fight creates a vigorous and compelling sights.
*Danjiri are large wooden carts (danjiri guruma) in the shape of a shrine or temple.

Castle festival

Castle festival

●3rd November

On the 3rd of November every year, the Castle Festival  that symbolizes the castle town of Izushi is held. The main attraction of the day is the marching of about 120 people all dressed in traditional costumes, with 30 men holding decorated spears as they walk along.
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Eirakukan Kabuki

Eirakukan Kabuki Theater

●Izushi Eirakukan

The opening event of Eurakukan Theatre has performed by a kabuki star Ainosuke Kataoka in 2008.  Since then, Kabuki plays by Ainosuke are performed every year, who is one of the  leading kabuki actors in west Japan and his theatre company.

 festival with soba noodles made from a new crop

festival with soba noodles made from a new crop.

●middle of November

You will enjoy new soba noodles made from a new crop, named with “Hyogo Safety (for health) Brand” and “Stork (nationally protected bird live here) Dance”.

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