Download Brochure

Download brochure for walking around Izushi.

Izushi Town Map

  • It includes illustrated map which shows you anywhrere you want to go.
  • Walking tour in a short time
  • Walking tour at a leisurely pase
Leaflet of KAMON NAVI(Izushi Navigation)

  • How to download
  • How to use the application “POPITA”
  • It supports multiple languages (English and Traditional Chinese).
  • 交通アクセス
  • rental kimono
  • パンフレットダウンロード
  • 出石観光マップ

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Izushi Tourist Association (NPO)
104-7 Uchimachi Izushi-cho, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo, 668-0214, Japan
TEL: +81-796-52-4806, FAX: +81-796-52-4815