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Izushi Navigation—Walking Around Izushi and Visiting Soba Restaurants is a tourist app for the Izushi area. Izushi Navigation lets users enjoy the best of Izushi by recommending optimal routes for wheelchair users, offering information on barrier-free facilities, and providing detailed descriptions of facilities. With support for multiple languages (English and Traditional Chinese), Izushi Navigation is designed for everybody visiting Izushi, including overseas tourists. Area of Service: Izushi-cho, Toyooka City


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How to use navigation

Scan this Code with POPITA to open a link to Izushi Navigation.

Route Guidance

Take a picture with a camera of the XX mark displayed on a sign to identify the current location. Select a destination to display a route plan. Selecting a barrier-free route will display a barrier-free accessible route with stairs and steep slopes marked on the map.

Guide to Facilities

General descriptions of Izushi’s facilities are introduced at “Izushi Soba Restaurants” and “Facilities Guidance” on the home page. Information on barrier-free facilities is also available.

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Izushi Tourist Association (NPO)
104-7 Uchimachi Izushi-cho, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo, 668-0214, Japan
TEL: +81-796-52-4806, FAX: +81-796-52-4815